R-Perillic Acid

R-Perillic Acid is an ultrapure monoterpene derivative and one of the major meta-bolites of many naturally occurring monoterpenes found in plants. This high performance substance obtained from nature and by natural fermentation processes exhibits an impressively broad antimicrobial and antifungal spectrum. The properties of R-Perillic Acid make it much more efficient than commonly used preservatives like parabens, halogenated compounds or formaldehyde which are often incompatible with many formulation ingredients and have gaps in their spectrum of activity.  

R-Perillic Acid with its natural origin and broad antimicrobial spectrum is:                  

  • active against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
  • active against yeasts 
  • active against moulds / mycobacteria

The benefit of R-Perillic Acid is to protect your cosmetic product from invasion and damage, not only from bacterial or fungal contamination but also from oxidation and chemical decomposition. R-Perillic Acid shows its best effect in formulations with a pH of 4-8, ideal for handling in rinse-off and leave-on products: 

  • shampoos
  • creams and lotions
  • sunscreens
  • conditioners 
  • deodorizing products
  • cleansing lotions
  • moisturizers
  • oils