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Kraeber & Co GmbH is registered according to Regulation (EC) 1069/2009 Animal By-Products.

Please find the specifications for these products in our complete list of products.

SeraQualities available:Qualities according to customer specification, e.g.:
Bovine SerumOrigin: Germany
Supplied with proof of origin and certification of BSE-absence.
  • non-sterile
  • pre-filtered
  • sterile filtered 0.2 and 0.1 µm
  • heat inactivated
  • gamma radiated
  • serum from male or female animals (bovine, equine)
  • low hemoglobin
  • pH-treated
  • delipidated
Chicken SerumOrigin: Europe
Fetal Calf SerumOrigin: Overseas
Goat SerumOrigin: Europe and Overseas
Horse SerumOrigin: Europe
Donor Equine SerumOrigin: Europe
Newborn Calf SerumOrigin: New Zealand
Piglet SerumOrigin: Germany
Porcine SerumOrigin: Germany
Rabbit SerumOrigin: Germany
Sheep SerumOrigin: Germany
Other Sera upon request.
Bovine Serum Albumin Fraction V, Origin Australia / New Zealand
Manufactured in a FDA approved facility, by using a combination of heat shock and alcohol precipitation.
  • lyophilized + solution
  • protease free
  • immunoglobulin free
  • milled
  • cell culture grade
  • fatty acid free
  • pH 5,0
  • low endotoxin
BovineAccording to customers specification e.g.:
with various stabilisers, anticoagulants and other additives, non-sterile, sterile filtered, defibrinated; gamma radiated.
Germany / * Overseas / ** Europe
Chicken **
Equine **
others upon request
Sheep Plasma USP
- frozen 100 ml
- frozen 50 ml
Sheep Plasma lyophilized
- 50 ml
Plasma Substrate R1, EP
- frozen 10 ml
- frozen 30 ml
Plasma Substrate R1 lyophilized
- 30 ml
Since 1982 we are the main supplier of sheep plasma for the determination of the activity of Heparin.
Blood Cell ProductsSpecies:Origin:
- Bovine
Gamma Globulin
- concentrate
- Equine
HaeminOffered by the division Biochemical Substances.
- Porcine
- others upon request
Other Animal Products Species: Origin:
Tendons   - Equine Europe
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