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JUK CosmeticsJUK Cosmetics.pdf3.475 K13. May 2014
JUK Production SiteJUK Production Site.pdf1.808 K06. August 2015

Product Flyers

Flyer: Beta Glucan ACJUK Flyer - Beta Glucan AC.pdf372 K02. July 2013
Flyer: Beta Glucan Oat cosmeticJUK Flyer - Beta Glucan Oat cosmetic.pdf6.504 K22. October 2012
Flyer: Chitosan cosmeticJUK Flyer - Chitosan cosmetic.pdf3.173 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Chitosan generalJUK Flyer - Chitosan general.pdf1.470 K10. April 2012
Flyer: ChlorphenesinJUK Flyer - Chlorphenesin E.pdf5.021 K13. August 2013
Flyer: Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, MsmJUK Flyer - Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Msm.pdf3.664 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Msm, ChitosanJUK Flyer - Chondroitin Sulfate, Glucosamine, Msm, Chitosan.pdf3.924 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Cinnamic Acid (Natural)JUK Flyer - Cinnamic Acid (Natural).pdf1.934 K10. April 2012
Flyer: CollagenJUK Flyer - Collagen.pdf4.369 K28. September 2012
Flyer: Collagen HydrolysateJUK Flyer - Collagen Hydrolysate.pdf4.377 K10. April 2012
Flyer: ErythruloseJUK Flyer - Erythrulose.pdf3.021 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Fluorescein Sodium in CosmeticsJUK Flyer - Fluorescein Sodium Cosmetic.pdf487 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Fucoidan cosmeticJUK Flyer - Fucoidan cosmetic.pdf5.207 K10. April 2012
Flyer: Fucoidan generalJUK Flyer - Fucoidan general.pdf1.711 K10. April 2012
Flyer: GlucosamineJUK Flyer - Glucosamine.pdf808 K10. April 2012


ISO 9001:2015 CertificateISO9001:2015-en.pdf272 K05. April 2018
GDP CertificateGDP Certificate.pdf258 K05. April 2018
AEO Certification as 'Authorized Economic Operator': DE AEOC 103290DE-AEOC-103290.pdf190 K26. January 2018
REX admission as 'Registered Exporter': DE REX 61500031REX(en).pdf297 K26. January 2018
Registration according to Regulation (EC) 1069/2009 Animal By-Products: DE 01 056 000403VO (EG) 1069-2009: DE 01 056 000403.pdf29.354 K18. February 2015
Registration according to Regulation (EC) 183/2005 Feed HygieneVO (EG) 183-2005.pdf77 K07. December 2010
Registration as food company: PI-0004483HPI-0004483H.pdf67 K07. December 2010
Manufacturer's Authorisation: DE_SH_01_MIA_2017_1014DE SH 01 MIA 2017 1014.pdf194 K22. February 2018
Certificate of GMP Compliance: DE_SH_01_GMP_2017_1037DE SH 01 GMP 2017 1037.pdf141 K22. February 2018

REACH Pre-Registration

REACH Pre-Registration:
REACH/Submission_Report_AD389491-47.pdf28 K17. November 2008
REACH Pre-Registration:
Chondroitin, hydrogen sulfate
REACH/Submission_Report_AR388162-27-1.pdf27 K17. November 2008
REACH Pre-Registration:
glucosamine hydrochloride
REACH/Submission_Report_GJ389578-15.pdf27 K17. November 2008
REACH Pre-Registration:
REACH/Submission_Report_UF389776-09.pdf27 K17. November 2008

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