Company History

Kraeber & Co was founded on January 1st, 1980. The shareholders are Anja Kuhnert, Franziska Faber, Renate Kraeber, and Kraeber Verwaltung GmbH, Rellingen, Germany.

Kraeber is producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and excipients for the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, diagnostic, cosmetic, health food, and the food and feed industries.

1980 Start of activities, production of various organic chemicals in co-operation with medium sized and small sub-contractors and laboratories.
1982 Start of our own production of standardized sheep plasma for the determination of the activity of Heparin.
1984 We extended the production of sera and plasma from locally reared animals with pre-, sterile, and ultra-filtration, centrifugation, pH treatment, and heat-inactivation.
1986 Purification of crude Heparin to Heparin salts of high purity.
1990 Exclusive marketing and sales contracts with various well known companies for biochemicals.
1993 Purchase of the production facilitiy from BIOSPA Wedel.
Kraeber advances to be the largest manufacturer of animal blood fractions in Europe.
1996 Kraeber (UK) Ltd. was established for the sale of our products in the UK.
1998 Purchase of a 4.000 m² area site in Ellerbek near Hamburg, including a 1.200 m² production and storage hall and a 740 m² office building.
1999 The production laboratory, built "state of the art" as per GMP rules started the blood fractionation reared from 18 species, and the production of other biologicals.
2002 We extended the space of production and offices by 150 m² each.
2005 We installed a 44,5 kWp Photovoltaic system. Our active contribution to protect the environment.
2010 The fast growth of the company required a restructuring. Shareholders and Managing Directors are now:
Franziska Faber, Anja Kuhnert, and Jens-Uwe Kraeber, who withdraws from active business but remains active as adviser.
2014/15 Extension of our facilities:
  • about 250 m² offices and social rooms
  • about 300 m² storage, heated, GMP compliant
  • second deep-freezing store room (-20 °C)
  • cooled store room (2-5 °C)
  • sterile room for drawing samples, GMP compliant
  • archives (75 m")
2015 Our production and quality management staff has been exchanged and completely re-organized. Our production capacity has been substantially increased. Our work force was increased by 35%.
2017 Our expertise at extraction, separation, and purification of biological substances of animal and botanical origins lead to a significant increase of our contract manufacturing.
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