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The family owned business, Kraeber & Co GmbH, is an independent, technology based enterprise which was founded on the 1st January 1980 in Hamburg.

Hanseatic tradition together with courageous entrepreneurship characterize our company. We are committed to open and global competition which we stand up with our service capabilities. Our emphasis is the development, production, marketing and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), biochemicals, biological extracts from animal and plant origin and especially animal blood fractions of the highest purity. We serve the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, cosmetical, veterinary and both the human and animal food supplement and nutraceuticals industries.

Kraeber has evolved into a niche marketer and supplier. By continuously innovating productions, we became the quality market leader in Europe and in other parts of the world for many of our products.

Our intermediates and high purity substances are offered for laboratory and research. These substances are available in bulk, not as finished preparations, to avoid any competition with our customers.

As family owned business we adhere to the traditional values:

Reliability, continuity and quality

Responsibility and fairness are the basis in the relationship with our customers and our employees, quality and the documentation of the quality procedures are the basis of our business.

We understand the term quality as being excellency in processing and analytical control and prompt customer service. It also involves well documented production and testing methods. We wish to convey all the necessary advantages to our customers in order that they succeed.

To maintain our financial independence we follow a conservative cautious policy with financial planning and controlling. Profits are used primarily to strengthen our assets and to promote expansion. We do not follow the idea of 'shareholder value' but the utility for the company and our employees.

To reach our aims of gaining higher benefits we employ well trained, motivated employees working in an independent, self-motivated way in their area of responsibility. We take our social responsibility and give a high priority to the interests of the employees. We invest in training and education.

Business Development

With the overall upturn in the development of the biotechnology market since 1997 and the increased demands of several customers, it was evident and appropriate that relocation was necessary in order to expand production facilities. Therefore, Kraeber acquired a production and office facility in Ellerbek in 1998 / 1999. A fully functional newly furnished production was installed in 1999. In 2002 the office space was extended and in 2008 further clean-rooms for the production have been installed. 2014-2015 again new clean rooms, a freezing room -20 °C, a cold storage 2-5°C, as well as a new 300 m² storage were build - all GMP compliant. There remains space for further expansion.

These investments enabled us to double our turnover between 2008 and 2014 and to triple 2018.

We will reach a turnover of €30 Mio in 2019.

Our Competences

We have the following permissions: pharmaceutical production, food and feed production, handling of animal by-products,
and have the following certificates: GMP, GDP, ISO, REX, and AEO.

You can read and download from our page: Download.

Our main competence is the extraction, separation, fractionation and purification of biological substances of animal and plant origins. We have 35 years specialised experience in the fractionation of animal blood from various species.

We are a competent partner for Contract Manufacturing.

Part of our products we receive since many years from good friends, mainly small to medium sized manufacturers and laboratory organisations who are specialists in production but who require the sales and marketing expertise of Kraeber. These cooperations have proven to be successful and has enabled Kraeber to retain flexibility and to meet the demands of the customers without affecting security of supplies, quality and continuity. We have exclusive distribution rights for these products.

Research and Development

The quality of our products is continuously improved by innovations in production processing, analysing, documentation and service.

Quite often the improvements in analytical developments, documentation and customer services are stimulated by the demands and feedback of customers. Furthermore, in the case of analytical requirements, the company works closely with independent laboratories and research institutes. In general, production and processing improvements will continue to be carried out in our own laboratories, where necessary, with the companies to whom subcontract manufacture is placed. Part of the used know how is given by our customers, partly it is acquired from other sources.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For some time now, international discussion has focussed on Corporate Social Responsibility and the introduction of standards to be complied with by companies involved in international trade. The standards discussed include, amongst others:

  • Fair social and labour standards
  • preservation of the environment
  • energy saving
  • social commitment
  • commitment to training
  • and the fight against corruption.

As a family owned SME we endeavour to comply with these standards.

  • For years we have been providing Apprenticeships. We strive to train these young people to become independent, self-motivating and self-responsible staff members. In most cases, we recruited these trainees after the end of their apprenticeship.
  • We offer internships to school or university students several times a year.
  • Providing part-time employments and flexible working hours to our employees.
  • We invest in Training and Education of our employees.
  • We are providing free visits to a Fitness Studio for our employees.

Preservation of the Environment

Safety and environmental protection has high priority.

  • We installed a 44.5 kWp/36.5 kWh photovoltaic system in 2005.
  • Until August 2018 we produced 450.000 kWh and avoided 238 mt of CO².
  • The installation of the photovoltaic system was combined with an additional thermal insulation of the roof of our building.
  • Paper/cardboard, glass and plastics are recycled.

Corruption and Bad Practice

As a globally operating company, corruption is unacceptable to us. We abstain from cooperating with companies that attempt to engage us in such practices.

Energy Saving

Our premises have good thermal insulation and a modern heating and hot water system. Lighting, operational equipment and IT systems all comply with modern energy saving standards. In 2018 we renewed the windows in our building.

Future Outlook

By continuous investments into our facility, our staff and the production of additional substances we gained an excellent basis for further development.

By concentrating on our main competences and the production of niche products which we supply on a continuous basis in highest quality we have a sound basis for further development.

We are well prepared for the future.

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