Kraeber (UK) Ltd.

Established in 1996 as part of the Kraeber & Co GmbH expansion programme, Kraeber (UK) Ltd has contributed to the continued growth of the company. The Managing Director, Dr David J Anderton, has overseen the sales of Kraeber & Co GmbH products in the UK market and successfully introduced nutritional supplements and branded products for animal health.

GLAVADERM / Evening Primrose Oil

GLAVADERM is a nutritional supplement produced from the highest grade evening primrose oil. In capsule form for dogs and liquid form for cats, it promotes healthy skin and coat in primarily dogs and cats, but also other small animals. It is well established in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Japan. Kraeber (UK) Ltd would be delighted to negotiate the introduction of the product into other territories. Extensive product information material is available.

GLAVADERM improves the condition of lack lustre coats and dry scaly skin. It enhances the appearance of healthy cats and dogs to produce extra winning good looks.

BENEFITS: dogs and cats given daily supplementation with GLAVADERM have shown:

  • increased fur volume
  • improved fur texture
  • less fur loss
  • less scaly skin
  • less knotting
  • improved grooming

GLAVADERM is presented in an easy to use dropper bottle for easy supplementation respectively in a calendar blister for easy tracking of supplementation.

Chondroprotective Formulations

Kraeber (UK) Ltd has the experience to assist companies with formulations already on the market by supplying the high quality ingredients, chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine, and n-acetyl glucosamine available from Kraeber & Co GmbH, or assist with the design of new formulations based on these high quality reagents.


Kraeber (UK) Ltd represents the following companies/activities in the UK:

The representation for Kraeber & Co GmbH is the dominant activity; providing the facilitating support for the introduction and sustainability of these high quality products in the UK.

The representation for Seagarden ASA concentrates on the application of the fish powders and extracts available from Seagarden in animal and fish feed, fish bait, and tropical/marine diets. The Seagarden protein fish extracts (both white fish and salmon) are particularly popular in fish baits and have commanded the best selling attractant status in the UK.

The Maripro AS micro encapsulated, hydrolysed fish proteins are suitable as starter feed for the rearing of young fry and crustaceans. Established feed companies and research organisations are already taking advantage of these diets.

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